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Unprecedented in Scale: UK’s Largest Review Into Maternity Care Failings Underway in Nottingham Hospitals.

Recently it has been reported that there will be a review of the services provided by the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust focusing on failings in maternity units at Queens Medical Centre and City Hospital.

Donna Ockenden shall be chairing the inquiry where 1,700 families’ cases shall be examined.

Ms. Ockenden was also in charge of the probe into maternity services in Shropshire where she found at least 201 babies and mothers might have survived had they received better care. The Times reported that the last independent Ockenden Review was the largest of its kind in the history of the NHS, finding failings at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust had not only contributed to the deaths of more than 200 babies, but presented a culture of bullying, anxiety and fear of speaking out.

Nottingham University Hospital’s chairman Nick Carver joined the Trust’s annual meeting where Ms. Ockenden and bereaved families were also present.

Mr. Carver has acknowledged that “more needs to be done to gain the trust of families and communities” and is “committed to working collaboratively to plan for an apology on behalf of the board that the families recognise as meaningful”.

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