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Mesh Implant Claim Victims Left Distraught Following Closure of Sussex Law Firm

Victims are urged to seek new legal representation.

The Law Society Gazette has recently reported that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has closed down the legal practice of Fortitude Law in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Following the closure, many women now find themselves without legal representation for their cases involving faulty mesh implants, often linked to life-changing complications.

You can read the notice on The Law Society Gazette here.

Undoubtedly this will be highly distressing for all involved, but our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors urge those affected not to lose heart. Finding new legal representation is of primary concern, and there are specialists in this area of law who can provide guidance on pursuing their claims. Victims can also find help and support through charity groups such as Sling The Mesh who also help raise awareness of the risks of mesh surgery.

Stephanie Capindale, Senior Solicitor with specialist knowledge of mesh implant claims said:

“We recognise the concerns and anxiety faced by those affected, and we encourage anyone with an ongoing case who requires a second opinion or additional guidance to reach out to us for assistance.”

What should you do if you have been treated with surgical mesh?

The recent surge in claims against healthcare providers for potentially negligent complications resulting from mesh implants has left many patients questioning why they were not informed about these side effects earlier. This has led to increased demand for legal support in pursuing compensation and seeking justice.

Don’t Suffer in Silence – Make Your Voice Heard

If you are one of those affected by mesh implants, or the closure of Fortitude Law, our medical negligence team can help. With renowned knowledge and expertise in mesh implant claims, our specialist medical negligence team can support those seeking help with their claim.

We are dedicated to supporting individuals through their recovery journey and getting the answers they deserve.

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