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Failings in Maternity Care at Hull Royal Infirmary

Hull Royal Infirmary has received the lowest possible rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after being labelled as housing a “chaotic environment”.

The CQC report that was released following their visits in March and April was published this week and highlights that maternity care is “inadequate”. Design, use of facilities, premises and equipment do not always ensure women and birthing people are safe.

Only 51% of staff members within the maternity department had completed mandatory foetal height measurement training and only 39% had completed the perinatal institute growth assessment protocol training. The trusts own target is 90%. It was also specifically emphasised that in the event of an emergency, staff have no training in how to evacuate a birthing pool.

On the antenatal day unit there was no neonatal resuscitaire and there was no plan in place for how staff would access one in an emergency. After being raised with leaders a plan has been put in place to ensure staff understand where the nearest emergency equipment is and how to respond in such an emergency.

Evidently there are many areas within the maternity service that are inadequate and require immediate action to improve the care provided to patients.

Medical Negligence Claims

Pregnancy and giving birth should be a happy time for parents. Whilst childbirth is not without risks it is generally safe and well-managed by healthcare professionals. 

Unfortunately, there are cases where pregnancy and birth injuries are unavoidable, however, there are many instances where poor medical care is responsible.

Our supportive medical (clinical) negligence specialists can provide expert advice and guidance if you or a loved one have experienced an injury during pregnancy or childbirth to you or your baby. 

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