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Deaf Babies Wrongly Given ‘All Clear’ Test Results – Grimsby and Scunthorpe Audiology Departments Closed Down

According to reports in several newspapers, including The Times and The Daily Mail, serious concerns have been raised about NHS children’s hearing services in England. Subsequently, an urgent review has been launched and follows an independent investigation that uncovered “significant failures” at NHS Lothian’s children’s audiology department. It has been said that these repeated failings resulted in the delayed diagnosis of deafness, which will have “long-term consequences” for affected children.

Press releases included statements from an NHS spokesperson who said, ‘Following serious concerns highlighted in Scotland, NHS England proactively set up a national paediatric hearing service review, initially looking at four trusts that have been identified as requiring improvements in their children’s hearing services.

‘It’s vital we get this right, which is why we are working closely with local teams, clinical experts, professional bodies and patient groups, including the National Children’s Deaf Society, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues and to find immediate and longer-term solutions.

‘Families that are affected are being contacted by their local hospital if their child needs their hearing reassessed.’ 

You can read the newspaper articles used as sources here:

Hearing Misdiagnosis Claims 

As a result of this investigation, we expect to see an increase in the number of people coming forward to share that their baby or young child was misdiagnosed following a hearing test. If this relates to you, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim and gain compensation.

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