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Cancer wait times worst on record in 2023 for England

A report recently published by BBC News reveals that cancer waiting times in England for 2023 hit a record high, with only 64.1% of patients starting treatment within 62 days of suspicion, leaving nearly 100,000 individuals waiting longer than recommended for critical care. These figures mark the eleventh consecutive year of worsening wait times. Gemma Peters, CEO of Macmillan Cancer Support, described the figures as “shocking,” emphasising the distressing impact on those affected.

Despite improvements in diagnosing patients more promptly, with 72% receiving results within 28 days of an urgent referral, challenges persist. Other parts of the UK have also been struggling with cancer waiting times. It has been over a decade since Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland hit their 62-day cancer targets.

Tim Gardner from the Health Foundation acknowledged the NHS’ efforts amidst a challenging winter marked by increased flu cases and ongoing strikes.

He said the drop in the waiting list was welcome and a “testament to the hard work of staff”.

But he added: “Progress is slow, with the waiting lists stubbornly high.”

Read the BBC News article in full: Cancer waiting times in 2023 worst on record in England

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Early recognition of signs and symptoms and a prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial to maximising the chance of a swift recovery and providing the best chance of a cure.

Unfortunately, not everyone receives a prompt diagnosis and treatment and in some instances that may be because a doctor or clinician has failed to provide them with the appropriate standard of medical care.  

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