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Cancer Misdiagnosis Leaves 15-Year-Old Girl with Only Months to Live

A 15-year-old girl from Bordon, Hampshire, has been given months to live following a delay in diagnosis of her cancer which was initially misdiagnosed as a pain condition, according to her family.

Olivia Maunder began experiencing back pain in 2020. Doctors at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey initially diagnosed her with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after an MRI scan failed to detect the tumour. The hospital has expressed deep regret for the delayed cancer diagnosis.

The family’s lawyers said doctors claimed she had “a psychological condition and was exaggerating her pain”. Subsequently, Olivia, then aged 13, said she was given no medication because her pain was deemed to be in her mind.

After a second scan revealed the spinal tumour, the family was informed in late 2022 that the cancer had become terminal.

The family’s lawyer, Jeanette Van-Cauter, said that a serious incident report uncovered considerable failings in Frimley Park Hospital’s treatment of Olivia Maunder.

In a statement, the hospital’s medical director Dr Timothy Ho said: “We are very sorry for the considerable distress caused by the delay in diagnosing Olivia’s cancer and have met with Olivia and her family to share the results of our thorough investigation.”

“We are committed to learning from the investigation and improving services and will support Olivia and her family as best we can at this difficult time.”

Read the full BBC article here.

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Claims

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Delays in referral, diagnosis and treatment are common due to some of the current issues within the NHS. However, no one should experience a delay that impacts negatively on you or your loved one’s health.

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